Tips for a safe shopping experience

Shop with security

  • Do not make money transfers to companies or individuals that you do not know using your identification and mobile phone numbers.
  • Never send money to people you do not know.
  • Be sure to use the SecurePayLink e-commerce (SPL) system in your purchases to ensure that the product you receive is delivered to you and that you pay for it.
  • In the SecurePayLink e-commerce (SPL) system, you make your payment to the pool account. The seller will ship the product to you by cargo or courier. When your product is reaching your hand, you have 4 (four) business days to check the product and make sure that it is the product you wanted to buy. After you confirm the acceptance of the product, your payment will be transferred to the seller.
  • If there is a problem with the product, you can send the product back to the seller in the received condition, as soon as the seller confirms the reception, you can get back your payment. In the same way, even if the seller does not send the product for the specified period, your payment will be guaranteed on accounts and will be refunded again at the end of the transaction period. Please click for detailed information about Secure e-Commerce (SPL) system.
  • Request to advertise with the (SPL) system the advertisements of the advertisers who are issued outside the (SPL) system. If your purchase is to be performed outside of the SecurePayLink e-Commerce (SPL) system, do not make a payment without receiving the product and making sure, that it is the product you wanted to buy. The only method that gives you complete security at is SecurePayLink e-Commerce (SPL).
  • If you are doing a pay for -the-door-to-door shopping, get a fixed contact and address information that you can reach to the dealer in case of problems. When you receive your product, open the product next to the cargo officer and check it.
  • has no legal responsibility in case you can not receive the goods/products as a result of making a prepayment. 
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